NewBCamp was an event held by Free Geek Providence in 2008 and 2009. As of April 2012, NewBCamp has been retired.

A Message to Supporters of NewBCamp and Friends of Free Geek Providence:

It’s a great day when you wake up and realize that the need that inspired your work has become so well served. In 2008, there was a lack of resources in the Rhode Island community for education about technology. NewBCamp, as a grass roots effort to highlight this problem, was a call to action.

Today in 2012, Broadband Rhode Island (BBRI), an initiative of the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation (RIEDC), and Capital Good Fund have answered the call to improve tech education in Rhode Island. Pablo Sandoval, Development Manager of the Broadband Community, has led the effort to create a Digital Literacy portal and to mobilize volunteers at locations across the state, enabling unprecedented access to free technology training. Not only that, but BBRI’s newest initiative the T.E.C.H. Project (Technology, Education & Community for Holistic-schools) creates an unparalleled resource for tech education of school-age students and their parents.

The Digital Literacy project needs the full engagement of the Geeks community in order to succeed. We at Free Geek Providence are excited to be a part of this effort that coincides so well with our mission to “help the needy get nerdy.”

I am grateful for the unwavering commitment from Free Geek Providence, from our supporters at AS220 and Providence Geeks, from our friends at the Met School, and most of all, from YOU. I would ask that all those interested in tech education please sign up on the Digital Literacy portal and volunteer as a trainer.