Department Roles

Free Geek PVD needs your time and talents. Please review the roles listed below by department. If any capture your interest, we’d love for you to apply. Whether you’re a current volunteer or novice, a sysadmin guru or newbie, there’s a department role waiting for you. If any of the roles below interests you, review the application procedures below, and get started!

How to Apply

Though these are volunteer positions, applying helps us to ensure that we have the right folks working on the right areas, both for fulfilling the roles requirements and for fulfilling the applicants interests and skills. As such, applying does not guarantee acceptance to a position. We therefore encourage you to apply to more than one position, and not to be discouraged if you don’t get your first choice. If your application is accepted for a position, you will be contacted by the department chair or representative to discuss the position in greater detail and to confirm your availability. Keep checking back as we’ll continue to update this page. Once you’ve had a chance to review the opportunities below, jump right in and start your application!


Facilities Access Holders

Description to be provided.


Fundraising Activity Director

Plans and carries out activities for raising funds. Manages volunteers to carry out fundraisers. Strives for consistency with the FGPVD brand when planning out activities. Actively self-educates how to carry out effective fundraisers.

Grant Controller

Manages existing grants by reporting back to grantors regarding fulfillment of grant requirements. Ensures that funds are being spent according to grant requirements.

Grant Writer

Actively searches for new grants. Manages a calendar of deadlines for grant applications. Sends in applications to opportunities that fit well with FGPVD. Attends training courses for how to write grants effectively.

Hardware Grant Management

Hardware Request Coordinator

Description to be provided.

Information Systems

Data Entry Intern

Enters data from paper records into FreeGeek PVD databases or spreadsheets for further processing. Also helps maintain paper records including filing, archiving and organizing.

Software Developer

Works with the Information Systems Chair to develop software (primarily web based, emphasizing PHP/javascript) to help organize information relating to FreeGeek PVD. This includes working with other departments to implement software that works effectively with their operations.

Network Manager

Organizes, updates and maintains the network operations in FreeGeek PVD space. Also responsible for managing backup of data, expansion of current services, and optimization of computer network resources.


Curriculum Designer

Description to be provided.

Training Delivery Coordinator

Description to be provided.


Event Planning and Management

Work with Steering Committee and partner groups on in-person events that Free Geek PVD runs or participates in. This will include managing schedule, recruiting support personnel, and securing and managing resources (e.g. furniture, A/V equipment, banners and signage, event space, transportation, and consumables). Recurring events include: Quarterly Free Geek Open Meeting, Bi-annual Board & Steering Committee Retreat, Annual Earth Day Event. As far as possible, organize Free Geek PVD event preparation into repeatable, well-documented process.

Required Skills/Knowledge: Strong organization skills. Strong team recruitment. task delegation, and management. Prior event planning experience a plus. Ability to work creatively with a limited budget a must!

Graphic Designer

Design appealing print and electronic artifacts for FGPVD communication (logos, iconography, templates). Establish Free Geek visual identity to coordinate print and electronic communications under a signature look and feel. Document visual identity/design standards with style guide and examples. Update existing media resources to this visual identity where needed.

Required Skills/Knowledge: Experience with graphic design. Open source tools a plus. Some knowledge of web design. Experience with Facebook, and Twitter visual customization a plus. Please provide example of graphics/design work.

Relationship Coordinator

Assist in managing outreach to organizations and individuals. Coordinate with relevant departments on outreach efforts. Ensure that constituents experience meaningful interactions and are not overloaded or spammed by FGPVD as a whole.

Required Skills/Knowledge: Strong communication skills. Experience with relationship management and using Relationship Management software a plus. Experience with communications strategy development also a plus. Experience with or knowledge of local non-profits also a plus.

Media Strategist

Manage and coordinate outreach to media outlets (online, print, television/radio) for general and major event publicity. Establish relationships/contacts with media organizations. Maintain list of contacts and record of major interactions, and successes. Coordinate with Information Services on Media Archive.

Required Skills/Knowledge: Strong communication skills. Knowledge of regional media outlets and public relations a plus. Knowledge of industry media also a plus.


Stewardship of FreeGeek’s written presence. Provide editing support for outreach via various media from site posts to formal letters. Assist in establishing tone for various communications where appropriate. Proofreading of letters, publications (website pages, articles, and e-newsletters) and internal documentation. Development of topics and stories for FGPVD website and newsletter. Editing and production of FGPVD Annual Report.

Required Skills/Knowledge: Very strong communication skills. Attention to details. Prior experience in public relations, public affairs, or journalism a huge plus. Please provide writing sample. Web experience (blogging or experience with web-based CMS) strongly desired.

Recycling/Demanufacture Department

Demanufacture Supervisor

Description to be provided.


Internet Sales Manager

Description to be provided.

Inventory Manager

Description to be provided.

Volunteer Management

New Volunteer Coordinator

Description to be provided.