Free Geek Providence is a non-profit all-volunteer organization that specifically addresses the dangers of the growing digital divide and poor disposal habits of hazardous technological waste in Rhode Island

Since its inception, Free Geek Providence has recycled computers; distributed them to schools, nonprofits, and people in need. Trained veterans, students, and others in refurbishing computers; and introduced the wider public to technology.

At the heart of its work, Free Geek Providence repairs donated computers to make them usable for people who need them. When refurbishing is not possible, the computer is mined for parts (“demanufactured”) and responsibly recycled.”>group which is where we communicate to all the volunteers.

Senior Management Team

Loren Talbott

Loren was born and raised in the Lake of the Ozarks region of Missouri. He received his BA in History at Lincoln University, Missouri. He met his wife online and moved to Rhode Island to be with her. They lived in Missouri a short time and then moved back to Rhode Island for good in 2008. Loren credits his marriage to his ability to reach out with his computer. He uses his time at Free Geek Providence to help others use computers to expand their ability to communicate. In addition to coordinating the production floor, he is an active member of the Education Committee.

Kim Benevides

Kim was born and raised in Pawtucket. She received her E-waste Recycling Certification Training in 2009. Kim spends a great portion of her time for Free Geek Providence disassembling computers and preparing them for the recycling program. Kim has also been working hard on grant writing and has successfully obtained several grants for Free Geek Providence.

Erik Sherry

Erik Sherry was Born in Providence, R.I. He graduated from St. Raphael Academy and from Professional Diving School of NY. He brings 20 yrs experience as Diving Supervisor for New York Submarine Contracting,10 yrs Bridge Safety Inspector -RI Dept of Transportation and 5 yrs welding/welding inspector Senesco Marine
Erik has been volunteering with Free Geek Providence since September of 2011 and earned Volunteer MVP in September 2012. He has been working alongside Loren Talbott maintaining the space and pitched in with critical volunteer activities such as the JWU donations.